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Full Body Support Belts


Full body support belts are a special kind of belts that offer assistance to the body by carrying part or all the weight of the body for the body to function normally. They are used under special conditions, and that is why they are distinct from the normal belts. They are usually used during pregnancy to offer support to the extra body weight as a result of the pregnancy.


 The maternity support belts are specially structured to give support to the lower back and the abdomen when one is expectant. Maternity support belts are more often than not used by pregnant women in the second or third trimesters of the pregnancy because this is when the body has gained a lot of weight. They are very flexible and adjustable and are they offer many advantages especially to women who are active during pregnancy. Get some idea about the posture corrector pros and cons.


 One of the merits of using these belly bands is that they offer a relaxed compression during activities, especially physical activities. The benefit of a relaxed compression is that it decreases discomfort when moving. The compression should be gentle because too much of it may have negative effects on the uterus. The other advantage of maternity belly bands is that they enable one to have the correct posture. Due to the extra body weight, pregnant women usually have a sway back body posture. This causes a strain on the lower back. The belly bands are specially designed to carry the excess body weight and support the lower back. This prevents over stretching of the lower back as a result of the laid back posture. Get more facts about pregnancy at


During pregnancy, many women experience back pains and joint pains.The maternity support belts can be worn to reduce the back and joint pains because they offer support to the growing baby bump and the lower back. Exercise is highly recommended during pregnancy since it helps to reduce pregnancy-related ailments such as depression, hypertension, and diabetes. Many women are unable to exercise because of discomfort. Belly bands come in handy because they reduce discomfort and pain that arises as a result of exercising. This enables the pregnant woman to keep fit during the pregnancy. The other benefit is that belly bands can be used after one has delivered to offer support. As a result of delivering muscles and ligaments are used strained and overstretched. The compression socks womenassist in bringing back together the stretched abdominal muscles, and in the process, they reduce pain and discomfort.